Plymouth: School Department Offices Staying Put

In Plymouth, the school department offices will not move from South Meadow Road to what will soon become the old town hall at 11 Lincoln Street. One of the selling points, a few years back, when the idea of converting the 1820 Court House site to a new town hall complex, was being shopped around, the idea that school administration would take over the building at 11 Lincoln was a selling point.

But, that will not happen, according to Dr. James Sorensen, Chair of the School Committee. He says they’ve had two independent studies of the building:

“The town government is moving out of that building because it doesn’t work for them, so, we, therefore felt we’d better study this building before we take it on”

And, those two studies came back showing…

“…there’s a considerable amount of work to be done in that building to bring it up to the level that we feel it would work for us. And that work has dollars attached to it and it’s probably somewhere in the

neighborhood of two million dollars.”

Sorenson says the bottom line of the issue is that the School Department’s budget is only so big…

“…we have to educate how many thousands of kids—there’s only so much money in our budget. We cannot take on the risk of a building that will cost us two hundred fifty thousand dollars or three hundred thousand dollars—five years from now. Where would we get that money? We don’t have it in our budget.”

According to Sorensen the School Committee has voted NO on the issue and further…

“…instructed me to write a letter to the Board of Selectmen, which I wrote to them, probably now a month ago, outlining why we could not take the building.”

1820 Courthouse Restoration Project

1820 Courthouse Restoration Project

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