Plymouth: Some Adjustments Needed for New Town Hall


In Plymouth, the state of the art new town hall is considered user friendly, but handicapped folks may not think so when entering the building from the west parking lot—the location where handicapped parking is available…

State building code requires handicap accessibility in all buildings and Town Manager Melissa Arrighi says although the west entrance doorway meets code… 

“…it doesn’t meet convenience and certainly comfort levels. Anyone that is in a wheelchair or otherwise handicapped needs to be able to access this town hall We now need to add that button that we had at 11 Lincoln Street where people can just hit it and the doors will open automatically”


Arrighi says that’s a change order she’s working with the architects on right now…

“…and I wish I had noticed it, although it was in compliance, earlier, it wasn’t convenient, however, I didn’t.” 

Assistant DPW Director Dennis Westgate, who will oversee the installation says the power is all there:

“It’s all located underground, so accessing the power requires us to move some of the pavers that are out there, but they’re not cemented pavers they’re dry pavers, so they remove relatively easy. And then, we’re looking into either hardwiring it or making it remote control.”

Another element, according to Arrighi that was missed, is that the flag in front of the building is not lit:

“And we’re working right now with a construction company to get that lit.”

Arrighi says the price tag for this, at $10,000 is..

“ a more expensive price tag than I originally thought.”

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