Hingham: Planning Board Considering Retail Cannabis Ban Proposal

The Hingham Planning Board discussed a proposal for a town meeting warrant article that would ban retail cannabis shops in town.

The planning board heard from the public regarding the issue.

 Hingham Police Chief Glenn Olsson spoke out in favor of the proposed ban.

“It’s not for me to say what’s good and bad. The voters did that. But we know from experience that changing the law to 18 with alcohol didn’t really work and we put it back to 21. I just think that we just need to just slow up a little bit and think about this stuff, and then we can get it right the first time.

What this is all about right now is just preserving the town’s right to have the different actions that it needs to take,” the chief said.

Since 57 percent of Hingham voters said no to retail cannabis on the state ballot, the town can move to ban retail sales by a simple vote of town meeting.

Hingham resident Bonnard Fage is an ardent cannabis supporter and believes the measure should be decided instead, by a town wide ballot vote.

“I believe it should be on the ballot so the people in Hingham can actually vote on it themselves. I believe the issue right now is so twisted and there are so many misinterpretations. It’s concentrating too much power in the hands of too few people, and that’s one of the issues. My issue has always been, put it in front of the town voters on the ballot, not at a town meeting,” Fage exclaimed.

The planning board is still in the process of tweaking the proposal.

Listen to the story:

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