Hull: Public Weighs In on Proposed Retail Pot Shop Ban

The Hull Marijuana Task Force held a public forum at the high school Wednesday night, to discuss a proposed ban on retail marijuana establishments.

Town officials representing police, fire and schools presented their views on the proposal to ban weed shops in Hull.

The public voiced their opinions as well on the controversial subject.

One resident was upset about a presentation from the fire chief that claimed that retail marijuana sales, where it’s legal, has spurred an increase in heroin use.

“I think it’s frankly wrong and it’s honestly disgusting to try to draw any sort of conclusion between marijuana and heroin. This is just the same spiel that the Nixon, Regan and Bush administrations have been using – that it’s a gateway drug of some sort, when time after time, no conclusions have been found. They were struck down – they’ve been drawn out.”

Hull School Superintendent Michael Devine said he supports the ban, because he believes that if pot shops are allowed, it will be easier for kids to get a hold of weed.

“I just think that if the retail sales aren’t allowed in town, it will make it more difficult for them to get it. That 21 year old college student who is home might be willing to run down to the store if it’s right down the street, but they might not be willing to hop in their car and drive to Marshfield,” Devine said.

Audio courtesy of Hull Community Television.

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