Plymouth: Health Director Concerned Over Failing Septics, Health of Private Well Water Drinkers

Three Cornered Pond, Miles Standish State Forest

Three Cornered Pond, Miles Standish State Forest


Dr. Nate Horwitz-Willis, Plymouth’s first-ever Public Health Director, wants to organize an environmental health advisory group to focus on the quality of the town’s watershed and waterways, and the possible impact on public health.

Since Dr. Horwitz-Willis, arrived in town last summer, he has received many calls:

“Within the first two weeks I got calls about algae blooms, I got calls about people seeing red dye, or residue in their water, and seeing a number of cess-pools in the area. I need to be able to have a systematic way, with the help of the people, to help me assess those things,” said Dr. Horwitz-Willis.

To get this help, he reached out to watershed associations like Herring Ponds and Six Ponds, the Open Space Committee and the League of Women Voters. And some of those folks have voiced concerns about septic tanks in the Town of Plymouth:

“There are a lot of septic tanks in town, and to be very specific, I’m referring to the leeching fields that are tied to, or attached to the septic tanks and a lot of people have discussed this issue with me in passing, or in emails.”

The Public Health Director is seriously concerned about failed and potentially failing septic systems that do not meet Title V specifications, and says, further “the water supply is perfectly drinkable at this time, so what I’m concerned about is the chronic health of the individuals in the town consuming water from the aquifer in the private well systems.

Listen to this story below:

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