Plymouth: Healthy Economy Means Good News for Town, Plymouth 400

An infusion of cash to the State— mostly because of a healthy economy, but also from those folks who paid their taxes early—means good news for Plymouth:

State Senator Vinny deMacedo says that last month the State had a very good revenue picture:

“We took in seven hundred and twenty-eight million dollars above benchmark, making the Commonwealth about five hundred million dollars—benchmark is what we were expecting to take in—and what enabled the Governor to make some decisions—that he released revenues to the communities,” said deMacedo.

So, what does this mean for Plymouth?

“One specific and very important one was the two hundred thousand dollars that this delegation was able to get for Plymouth 400,” said deMacedo.

And also some money will be released for signage to the Pine Barrens Association:

A smaller one, but a significant one is the whole concept of Ecotourism and the Pine Barrens Association had come to me and asked me for help with signage,” said deMacedo.

Prepayment of Real Estate taxes helped to increase the cash flow:

“A lot of conversation about taxes because at the Federa; level, there was a change in tax policy so people were doing that. Not all of it was just because of prepayment but a portion of it was and of course, the economy’s better,” said deMacedo.

Listen to this story below:



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