Scituate: Officials Proposing Ban on Recreational Weed Shops

Scituate is joining other South Shore communities in proposing a ban on retail cannabis establishments.

Scituate Town Administrator Jim Boudreau in addressing the issue before the board of selectmen, submitted a town meeting article for a general by-law, banning recreational pot shops as well as zoning by-law article that bans it too.

“I met with counsel and I said the fastest thing to do is draft up for the board, a ban of retail marijuana establishments in Scituate. What’s the process … how do we do it? That’s what you have today. I’ve given it to Brad – he’s made the changes to fit it into our by-law. It’s a zoning by-law which is a 2/3 vote, and a regular by-law which is a majority vote.”

Selectman Tony Vegnani said he supports the retail pot ban, but he’s not so sure that it’s going to be an easy sell at town meeting.

“I personally agree, but I think there’s going to be lot of opposition at town meeting – it was a pretty close vote in the town – (54% against.)

People have spoken about it at town meeting, and the last couple of meetings someone has gotten up when we talked about the moratorium – but I support it,” Vegnani explained.

Since voters in Scituate said no to recreational cannabis on the state ballot, the article just requires a positive vote at town meeting.

Selectmen are sending the zoning ban article over to the planning board.

Listen to the story:

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