Cohasset: Officials Discuss Atlantica Licensing Issues

The Cohasset board of selectmen had a discussion on liquor licensing issues at the Cohasset Harbor Inn, Atlantica, Old Salt House and The Red Lion Inn.

Selectmen are eyeing these businesses to see if they’re open during their stated hours of operation and conforming to the conditions stipulated under their licensing agreements.

Cohasset Selectmen Steve Gaumer and Jack Keniley discussed the issue with the board.

“There is no intent demonstrated with this owner, as best I can see, to even remotely adhere to the guidelines that the licenses lay out, the conditions under which they were granted, or the laws under which we can administer them. So, why are we parsing things? Why are we splitting hairs?” said Selectman Gaumer.

“We have six other restaurants in town who comply. We had an owner in here tonight who went out of his way to coperate with us to get things done, and he runs a great business. Why is everyone else able to do this and this group can’t?” questioned Selectman Keniley.

Cohasset Selectman Kevin McCarthy suggested keeping tabs on the establishments.

“What I’d like to do is to have somebody check these establishments. I don’t think it should be too onerous. The Atlantica and the hotel in particular, and even the same time every night, for a couple of months, if not indefinitely, and just give us a report that says whether they’re open or not. So then that could then be a valid basis for a hearing.”

Selectmen are also requesting access to a police report on the establishments.

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