Bye bye winter coat!

I think it’s finally safe to hang up the goose down coat. People are starting to stare. Do you think the hood and neck scarf are too much?

Okay I’m ready to concede that perhaps wearing my lomg winter coat when it’s sunny and 65 out is a bit odd. I’ve put it away in the downstairs closet but it’s still handy if I need it. I hate goodbyes don’t you? At least I haven’t worn my clunky winter boots since February.


Ready to win some great tickets today? The Plymouth Phil Spring Pops: Tuning To Television concert is this Saturday, April 30th at 8pm at Memorial Hall. I absolutely LOVE this idea… a sonic trip down memory lane featuring the actual music to our favorite tv shows. They’re also planning a Name That Tune contest. If you’re still humming the theme song from The Lone Ranger this concert is perfect for you!


Regal Cinema at the Independence Mall in Kingston always has the best flicks. Water for Elephants stars Robert Pattinson (of Twilight fame) and Reese Witherspoon as star crossed lovers. A domineering husband is in the mix and the setting is a circus. (No really it is set in a circus)! (Rated NR).



Tonight’s classic track band comes from Georgia and takes 10 years to catch on. The song is mandolin based and its success takes them by surprise. Listen at 5:30pm today to hear what I mean. (And no it’s not Hootie and the Blowfish). :-)



Dancing With The Stars may have to be re-named Dancing With The Klutzes! Last night it was Karina’s turn to trip over Ralph Macchio’s cape and down she went on her keester! She was mortified, but Ralph helped her up and got her focused again on finishing the dance. I really like him. Seems like a nice guy. Hines Ward seemed to lack energy. Kendra did an incredible job of wowing the judges. Kirstie and Max did great. She looked confident and sexy. Chelsea and Mark were excellent as usual despite Mark injuring his ankle in rehearsal. Romeo is a contender. The kid is very talented. The wrestler, Chris, lost a few points but is still hanging in there and I admire his work ethic. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I actually liked the boy group Hanson. They are talented musicians and are now a MAN group not a boy group anymore. I’m still betting on Chelsea “Disney Girl” and Mark Ballas to win but Hines “Football Player” Ward may surprise all of us and take home the mirror ball trophy. Well as the Gentrys would sing, “Keep on dancin’ .”



“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.” – Colin Powell