Hot fun in the summertime!Great tunes and free goodies!

It’s the longest day of the year and to celebrate I’ve got Wild West Fest Tickets and a four pack of tickets to the WATD/Brockton Rox Family picnic. It’s all about keeping the kids busy and happy right?


Another song with sound effects tonight. Perfect for summer and inspired by traffic and a teenager’s poem. The year is 1966. At 5:30 tonight I’ll tell you more!



What a great feeling it is to wake up to the first day of summer! Remember back in school all that pent up energy just ready to burst? Why doesn’t the bell ring? Oh…it’s not 2 o’clock yet. The last day of school may vary from town to town but the excitment is the same all over the South Shore. Can we get an ice cream? Oooh it’s a beach day! Hey my bike has a flat tire! Mrs O says we can go in the pool today! I don’t need floaties! When you’re a kid, everything about summer is an exclamation point. If you’re not careful, when you grow up you lose the exclamation points in your day. Look! The bunnies are in the garden! I can’t find my other flip flop! I’m going to try to keep as many exclamation points in my day as I can. I think it’ll keep me young. How about you?



“Life is the combination of magic and pasta, of fantasy and reality.”  – Director Federico Fellini