I’m SO busy (and loving it)!

Never a dull moment here at the Big “D”. Phones ring off the hook for our Community Values Magazine gift certificates to area restaurants. I also have Cole Brothers Circus tickets today and WATD teams up with Montilio’s for the Office Cake Break  at 3:30pm.


Tonight’s artist is inspired by a new dance and ends up singing on the record due to a studio mix up. It will all be revealed at 5:30 tonight.



Stressed out lately? Yeah I get it. My “To Do” lists are so long I’m thinking of having them bound in hardcover. Paper work is piling up. Clean the house? Can’t we just move? Self help books aren’t helping. Who has time to read them anyway? Everyone you talk to has the same problem. Too much to do and not enough time to get things done. The cycle starts over the next day. Somewhere along the line we’ve managed to overbook ourselves to the point of brain freeze. So I’m putting this on the top of my To Do list…relax. Shut down for just a few minutes a day. That few minutes that I call my own may be enough to get one or two more things done on my list. Ok, my few minutes is up. Back to work.



“The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly and  lie about your age.” – Comedian Lucille Ball