It’s 60′s Day on the Dee Show

What are your fave 60′s tunes? Dee-quest me at or call my WATDee-quest line at 781-837-4900 and tell me what you want to hear. I was and still am a huge Beatles fan. How about you? What did you groove to while you driving around in your red Mustang?


Speaking of the sixties, tonight’s song comes to our artist in a dream. A self admitted flower child, he’s into the whole Eastern religious scene and he, along with the Beatles, Stones and other musicians, has a message to send through his music. Stick around at 5:30 tonight to hear what I’m talking about. Peace baby!


Bathing suits are the devil’s work. Really… who but the evil one would make you stand in a fluorescent bathed booth in front of a mirror that adds ten pounds? What the heck is the purpose of a tankini anyway? And a bikini? I wear that everyday! I just don’t wear it so you can see it! It’s called UNDERWEAR!!!! Forget the ones with little cheerleader skirts too. They don’t lend themselves to thunder thighs. They can drape the fabric anyway they want a belly bulge is still a belly bulge with draped fabric over it. Stripes, huge flowers go ahead give it your best shot. When the dandelions on your swim togs look like huge sunflowers it’s time to admit the truth. I”m a realist and I’m looking for neck to ankle coverage. Anyone know where I can get a vintage suit from the Victorian era? I believe they were called bloomers. Navy blue is my favorite color. 


“Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living.” – Labor Activist Mother Jones