It’s International “Louie Louie” Day!

Need a reason to celebrate today? How about International “Louie Louie” Day? April 11th is a day to celebrate what many have called the greatest party song of all time. Also, did you catch “Celebrity Apprentice” last night? Ne Ne Leakes has GOT to go!



On Celebrity Apprentice last night the girl’s team won! Janet Jackson was Project Manager and I really thought she was going to fail. Even after they won, NeNe went after Janet viciously. Janet’s right. NeNe’s a bully. But the men took the task too far and Gary Busey made the company executives from a suntan lotion company very uncomfortable. I’m having a problem with Gary lately. He seems to say outrageous things and then deny he did it. Memory problems or bald faced liar? You decide. I think The Donald has had enough of him too. He was warned to shape up and watch his mouth by the Big D.  Mark McGrath took responsibility for the loss because he was Project Manager for the men. Dumb move Mark. You should have never said you’d go home if the team failed.

It’s offficial! Louie Louie Day has made the National Special Events Registry and Chase’s Calender of Events. April 11th is the day because it’s the birthday of Richard Berry, the man who wrote Louie Louie. In 1955, Berry, a 21 year old R & B singer from LA, wrote a calypso sea chantey about a lover’s lament as told to a bartender named Louie Louie.  His version of the song is released in 1957 by Flip records as the flip side to “You Are My Sunshine.” In 1960, Rockin’ Robin Roberts and the Wailers turned it into a rock ‘n’ roll song. Other versions were recorded by Paul Revere and the Raiders, the Sonics and the Kingsmen. It was the Kingsmen’s  version of the song that eventually went to #2 on the Billboard charts in 1964. That same year, the FBI alleged the lyrics were dirty and started an investigation.  After all that, the FBI stated that the song was “incomprehensible at any speed.”  Even today. Louie Louie continues to be recorded by other artists. So let’s celebrate the world’s BEST party song! I’ll play it after the 4 o’clock news today! “Me gotta go now!”


Tonight at 5:30, hear the story of a song based on a popular dance craze! 

FAMOUS QUOTE: Spring is nature’s way of saying ‘Let’s party.’ ” – Robin Williams