Oh my Papa! Happy Father’s Day!


WATD and Community Values Magazine team up to give away some great gift certificates. Today it’s a $25 certif from Bongi’s Turkey Roost in Duxbury!

Cole Brothers Circus of the Stars tickets are coming up this afternoon too.

Classic Track

Some songs need a little help with sound effects and tonight’s classic track is one of them. This is also another case of a song’s vocal being replaced by another singer’s voice. The year is 1959. Tune in to see which song is our Classic Track tonight.



This weekend is Father’s Day. Take some time to honor dear old Dad. The most precious gift you can give him is your time just being with him and really listening to what he has to say. Try remembering the good old days growing up. Like the time you got your arm stuck in the washing machine’s rollers ( or was that just me?). How about the time he tried to teach your brother to whistle with saltines in his mouth or the time you opened a can of milk and he told you to quickly turn the can right side up because the picture of the cow on the front was upside down.  (I had to clean that up by the way but he got a good laugh out of it). Time and memories are what it’s all about. Don’t get me wrong, another tie or a bowling ball or golf equipment is great but your time and shared memories will make him truly happy. Yeah Dad we were listening. Love you.

Famous Quote

“The trick is growing up without growing old.” – Baseball Manager Casey Stengel