Ride ‘em cowboy! Special guests on the show today.

The New England Wild West Fest hits the Marshfield Fairgrounds tomorrow and Saturday. Today at 2:30 I’ll be talking to Executive Director, Mike Allison and Director of Food Vending Vito Marrotta.  The Spirit of the American Cowboy Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising money for children’s cancer research. We’ll learn what true cowboy spirit is and what the phrase “eight seconds at a time” means.



It’s BBQ season and oh boy what you could do with a $25 gift certificate to Crocetti’s Oakdale Packing Company in East Bridgewater! Beef, pork, seafood, chicken, lamb, veal, roasts and marinated items. Log onto their website and go crazy! Listen for your chance to win today!



Memories of being 10 years old and getting into trouble give tonight’s band a hit. Think about what you were up to at 10 years old! Every weekday at 5:30 I play another classic tune for you with some fun facts to share.



Lazy, hazy days of summer and I’m hooked on baseball. Why do I care if Big Papi gets a home run or Pedroia makes a great play? I blame it on Mr. Dee. He’s the one who got me interested in baseball and football. Of course the fact that he has control of the tv remote may have something to do with it. (Hey you gotta let them think they have SOME control right)? I still drive him crazy with my attempts to tweak the game to make it more interesting. How about if at any point in the game one player can run out of the dugout and tackle the player running to first? Each team gets one shot at it. Now THAT’S entertainment! Don’t get me started on football. If you give a guy a concussion, you have to pay a fine right on the spot and accompany him to the hospital. I should really be in charge. That’s all I’m saying.



“The only sin is mediocrity.”   - Dance/Choreographer Martha Graham