Today’s a great day to be a WATD winner! Donald Trump fires away.

What’s with the weather today? All my patio furniture is heading for the street! No worries. I’ve got another restaurant gift certificate to give away and more Regal Cinema tickets too.



 Now playing at Regal Cinema is SOURCE CODE (rated PG-13), a sci-fi thriller starring Jake Gyllenhaal. A bomb explodes on a Chicago train killing hundreds. In an attempt to identify the bomber and prevent another, larger attack,  Capt. Colter Stevens takes part in a government experiment dubbed “Source Code” which allows him to enter the body of a male passenger during the 8 minutes before the man is killed.



WATD and Community Values Magazine are teaming up to give away gift certificates to local restaurants. Today Carmela’s Restaurant on Rte 3A in Kingston is featured. Authentic Italian cuisine. Good food, good wine, good friends, great times. Buon Appetito!


CLASSIC TRACK: Tonight’s song was done in two takes.

FAMOUS QUOTE: “I think the key is for women not to set any limits.” – Martina Navratilova


Ok is anyone else ready to vote Meatloaf off Celebrity Apprentice? I actually saw steam coming out of his ears when he went off on Gary Busey. And he says he’s been to anger management class! Hello? Go back again Meat! He apologized to Gary later in the show but yikes! Dude it’s not Celebrity Heart Attack it’s only TV!

NeNe bears watching. She has been know to stab a fellow celebrity in the back. Careful Latoya, you could be next. Marlee is fantastic and Star is no slouch. Hope, the bunny girl, has yet to prove herself.

Jon Rich rocks! Gary Busey has a heart of gold and even though he’s on another planet I don’t think he’s got a mean bone in his body. Mark McGrath tries to be a peacmaker but has reached his limit with Gary’s lack of focus. Lil John is a hoot. Talented and creative. And Richard Hatch is (here comes the spoiler), FIRED!