Wednesday is Office Cake Break Day!

I love Wednesdays because I get to announce another winner in the WATD/Montilio’s Office Cake Break Contest. It’s easy to enter. Just go to my home page and click on the Montilio’s cake and fill out the form! I’m hoping George Montilio and his daughter, Jenna, will have time today to draw the winner’s name. You could be the office hero so get your entry in soon.


This afternoon I’ve got tickets to “A Night of 1,000 Laughs”. This is a fund raiser to help pay for the 4th of July festivites in Plymouth. Actor and comedian Lenny Clarke hits the stage Friday, May 20th at 8pm at Memorial Hall in Plymouth. If you want to buy  tickets, they are 20, 25 and 30 dollars each with higher priced VIP tickets available too. Keep in mind the show is “R” rated. For more info call Memorial Hall at 508-747-1622.



At 5:30 tonight our classic track artist is young (and short). She’s also not too crazy about the name her record company gives her.



Don’t even ask me about Dancing With the Stars yet. I’m still in shock over what went down on Celebrity Apprentice! Seriously NeNe. You walked off the show? No really? And Star Jones and Meatloaf got canned? What’s your prediction? Who will win this thing? Christine James and I think it might be country singer, John Rich. Email me at and let me know what you think. There are too many reality shows on TV. I can’t keep up with them all!



“Think wrongly, if you please, but in all cases think for yourself.” - British writer Doris Lessing