Win a Monponsett Inn Certif!

The Monponsett Inn in Halifax is a lovely restaurant with the warm atmosphere you want while dining. They can accomodate many different types of functions too and their menu is huge! I’ve got a $25 gift certificate that could be yours so listen for your cue to call.


Tonight’s song from 1978 is sort of about a car but not. Personal tragedy inspires tonight’s artist as he drives from home to the recording studio. You know the routine, listen  at 5:30 tonight to hear the tune. I love fun facts about songs. Don’t you?



To mulch or not to mulch. That is the question. Yeah, believe it or not I’m talking about gardening. I, the woman who makes plants cringe in horror, am contemplating getting out in the yard to do what? Gardening! Never say die (at least that’s what I say. The plants have another opinion). I’ve heard newspapers piled high, watered down and topped with mulch keeps weeds from popping up. I’ve also used landscaping fabric and mulch. That works pretty well but I worry about insects being attracted to the wood mulch. Now I also know they make mulch out of ground up tires. That material tends to fade after a while though.  I can’t let the soil go au natural because I’d be weeding dusk to dawn. What do YOU use? Got any tricks of the trade for me? Are my concerns about the mulch correct?  Dee-mail me at Thanks!


“When you know you’re right, you don’t care what others think. You know sooner or later it will come out in the wash.” 

- Botanist Barbara McClintock