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Who’s Calling Please? Reverse Look Up allows you to find out who belongs to that phone number on your caller ID

What’s Playing? Has ALL the local movie theatres, times and you can even buy tickets if you’d like.

Spellcheck not doing it? Click HERE for the Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online.

Can’t answer that question? Need homework help? Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia can help.

Want to settle a bet? Wonder if you ate enough pancakes this morning to hold a world record? Check HERE.

Better information for Better Health
You have to pay for information from the adult’s website but this Kids’ Consumer Reports ha lots of fun and interesting information

STOP! Before you pass on that email promising to make you rich, or the one that breaks your heart and makes you feel like you are doing a good deed – check out this unattractive but totally useful website. It gives you all the facts on what’s true and what’s totally a scam in today’s Urban Myths & Legends.

Dick Summer has one of America’s most comfortable and familiar voices. He was a top radio personality on the NBC Radio Network and in New York City and Boston. Dick is now heard every day on national radio and television commercials. Click to listen to his pod-casts.

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