Luke McLean’s Fitness Tips Podcast Archive


Meet Luke, head personal trainer at Healthtrax in Hanover! He’s a certified personal trainer and a sports conditioning specialist. Luke grew up on the South Shore and an alumnus of Braintree High School! He’s been training across the South Shore for several years and he loves to help develop goals and programs for folks looking to achieve their fitness goals. He also likes to read comic books! We asked Luke to share his training philosophy in one sentence: “Don’t tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon.”





January 3: The Wednesday Conversation kicks off with Healthtrax Head Trainer Luke McLean joining Rob and Lisa to introduce himself and share a bit about what’s new at Healthtrax in Hanover!


January 10: Luke joins Rob and Lisa to keep the Wednesday Conversation going with advice on starting off the new year on the right foot. Listen as he explains why it’s important to rest not rust!


January 17: Luke joins Rob and Lisa to talk about fitness classes, which are being revamped this week. He even goes into details on a few of the offerings!


January 24: Luke joins Rob and Lisa to discuss their healthy start program, which is an ongoing initiative at Healthtrax!  


January 31: Luke closes out January explaining how Healthtrax can personalize a personal training program for you! 


February 7: Luke explains what small groups have to offer at Healthtrax! 


February 14: Luke explains the latest offers and incentives at Healthtrax, including one for previous members looking to get back into the gym!


February 21: Luke talks about the unseasonable warm weather and ties it into his Tribe Class, which is available for everyone to check out at Healthtrax! 


February 28: Luke explains the importance of tailoring a fitness program that works around your schedule! 


March 7: Luke discusses swimming as a great modality for overall health and fitness! 


March 14: Luke discusses the importance of “rest don’t rust” as we make it through the multiple Nor’Easters hitting the South Shore this month


March 21: Luke gives the lowdown on the annual Spring Open House at Healthtrax, which is running from March 24-31!

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