2015 South Shore Morning Tour


Rob Hakala and Liza Azizian are hitting the road again this summer with the 2015 South Shore Morning Tour!

Through August, The South Shore’s Morning News on 95.9 WATD will broadcast LIVE from different towns around the South Shore! We will be interviewing a mix of business owners and notable residents about what makes their town unique.

Upcoming 2015 Schedule


Friday, August 28th:   Whitman Town Hall: 6-10 a.m.

Prizes include:

WATD T-Shirts, South Shore Morning News Coffee Mugs and WATD Frisbees! 


Gift certificates to:

-McGuiggan’s Pub – 546 Washington St., Whitman

-Uncle David’s – Burgers, Pizza, Sandwiches 643 Washington St, Whitman

-Supreme Pizza – 585 Washington St., Whitman

-Duval’s Pharmacy – 571 Washington St,. Whitman

-Trio Café and Catering – 12 Temple St., Whitman

-Just Cuts – 12 South Ave., Whitman

-Cowbell’s Café – 25 South Ave., Whitman

-Kept Creations – 15 South Ave., Whitman

-Flying Pig Emporium – 533 Washington St., Whitman

-Damien’s Pub – 279 Spring St., Hanson

-Venus Café – 47 South Ave., Whitman

-Diamond Fuel Supplies - 311 South Ave, Whitman

-Regal Marketplace - 401 South Ave, Whitman, MA

-The Book “The Shelter at Papa’s Farm” from Flying Pig Emporium – 533 Washington St., Whitman

Guests we’ll be talking to include:

6 AM Hour:
-Kara Bowen from @Honey Dew Donuts 
-Sara Bennett – 5 Whitman Kids make it to World Karate WKC Team USA

7 AM Hour: 
-Instabrite with Dave Friedman
-Dr. Carl Kowalski, Selectman Chairman
-Police Chief Scott Benton

8 AM Hour: 
-McLaughlin Chevrolet
-Geoff Diehl, State Representative
-Richard Rosen, 3rd generation Whitman resident

9 AM Hour:
-Smoke & Ashes
-Fire Chief Tim Grenno
-Superintendent Dr. Ruth Gilbert-Whitner
-Andrea Rounds, Whitman Library Director

Thank you to our sponsors: 
Instabrite / McLaughlin Chevrolet / Smoke & Ashes Tobacco Co. / Honey Dew Donuts / East Coast Press

Morning Tour Photo Galleries:

We visited Hanover on Friday, May 29th.
Click on the photo below to see all the fun we had!


We were in Weymouth on Friday, June 26th.
Click on the photo below to see all the fun we had!


We Were in Marshfield on Friday, July 31st
Click on the photo below to see all the fun we had! 



 Whitman Tour Sponsors:


Honey Dew







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Photos Courtesy of J.K. Bowker Photography:In 2014, we visited Duxbury, Marshfield, Pembroke, Plymouth and Scituate.

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