postheadericon AP News: Mass. Governor hopefuls quickly spending campaign cash

The top candidates for Massachusetts governor are draining their campaign accounts in the final drive to Election Day, even as the Republican Governor’s Association dumps another $1.5 million into the race.

As of Oct. 15, Democratic incumbent Gov. Deval Patrick had less than $200,000 left in his account after spending $1.1 million during the prior two weeks. Republican Charles Baker had about $225,000 left after spending $1.3 million.

Independent Timothy Cahill had the most cash, nearly $480,000. That’s in large part due to $571,000 he received in public campaign funds.

On Tuesday, the Republican Governor’s Association spent another $1.5 million in an effort to defeat Patrick and Cahill.

The state parties were also spending down their coffers. The Massachusetts Democratic Party had $372,000 left, compared to the GOP’s $356,000.



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