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Diehl family in the House chamber. Photo taken by Greg Derr, Patriot Ledger
Diehl family in the House chamber. Photo taken by Greg Derr, Patriot Ledger

This being the first blog post for WATD’s “Beacon Hill Blotter” (and my first-ever blog entry in general), I want to thank you for your interest and welcome you to share with me your thoughts and ideas about how we can continue to make Massachusetts better each and every day. Hopefully, this post (and future entries) will give you a clear perspective of how I believe the days’ events will impact our lives. I start with the Inauguration of the House of Repesentatives yesterday…

On Wednesday, January 5th of 2011, I was sworn in to represent the 7th Plymouth District (Abington, Whitman & East Bridgewater) in the 187th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I’ve never held elected office before, so it was a new experience and I wanted to make sure my family and campaign supporters were able to share in the moment. Taking in the moments of the yesterday’s ceremony, it seemed to last forever. Yet today, as I reflect on the inauguration and the celebration held at the Ale House in Abington later that evening, it has already become a blur – very much like my wedding day.  And like the day KathyJo and I were married, I see great events on the horizon for the people who put me in office.

I am, at once, dedicated to the advancement of the interests of the hard working men, women and children of the 7th Plymouth, as well as all citizens of the Commonwealth. It’s a charge I asked for and welcome with tremendous enthusiasm. I saw a similar look of purpose and excitement on the faces of my colleagues as we entered the chamber to take our oath of office and I heard the clear message from Speaker DeLeo that this session will be dedicated to restoring the greatness of our state.

Sharing the experience with campaign supporters and family at the in-district party, I sensed a confidence from everyone that their interests would be represented at the State House and I relayed my heart-felt thanks for their hard work and support to make this opportunity possible. Drive home, I was struck, once again, at how fortunate I am to be surrounded by wonderful people who share strong values and a commitment to a greater purpose in life.

Today I will travel to Beacon Hill for the inauguration of the Governor of Massachusetts. I wish him the best of luck in the shared goals we have and I am honored to take part. By the end of the day, the legislature will be in place to move forward on the business of running the government of the state. We face a great many challenges in this time of economic uncertainty, but I know in my heart that good people are in place to do the work required to improve upon the current conditions.

Yesterday, a door opened… Today, I walk through it.



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