postheadericon WATD News: Milton: Morrissey sworn in as Norfolk County District Attorney

Michael Morrissey was sworn in as the new Norfolk County District Attorney at the Curry College student center in Milton Wednesday night. Governor Deval Patrick administered the oath of office before a packed audience of about 500 people. Morrissey spoke with WATD’s John Penny after the ceremony about some of the principals he’ll focus on as Norfolk County D.A.

Morrissey said, “Prevention and intervention. We think that’s the key to reducing some of the crime in the county. If we can reach out to seniors and young people -start to deal with the drug problem and seniors that may be isolated and become vulnerable and preyed upon. We’d like to get the word out through community groups and coalitions that there is help out there before we have to first prosecute people. I think that kind of work could be the cornerstone of our future.”  

A Democrat, Morrissey lives in Quincy and won the election against independent John Coffey from Needham.



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