postheadericon WATD NEWS: Defeated Republican challenger of Senate President Murray eyeing another run

State Senate President Therese Murray may face an already growing challenge from the man she beat out to keep her seat in November. Republican Tom Keyes is making signs that he could be mounting another battle against Democrat Murray for the Plymouth Barnstable Senate Seat.

Keyes has continued to send campaign literature to his supporters and the media; his campaign website and Twitter counts are also still intact following his unsuccessful run.

WATD Political Analyst John Creed said Keyes did well in 2010, especially as a relative newcomer to state politics.

Keyes, when reached by phone, said he is seriously considering another run, but also said there are lot of things to consider, and a lot of time, before 2012.

Keyes lost to Murray in November by less than 5 percentage points. Creed points out that 2012 is a presidential election year and in Massachusetts, a heavily Democratic-leaning state, the Democratic voter turnout will likely be higher, making the Senate President a likely favorite.

But the Republicans have their advantages too. Creed said that observers should be closely watching the Congressional redistricting to see if Republicans can increase their numbers certain districts, like those here on the South Shore.

While he hasn’t made anything official, Keyes said, “Anything could happen.” Keyes said he’ll continue to look at how the legislature moves forward and then make a decision.



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