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postheadericon Beacon Hill Blotter: A Fool’s Errand?

Students from the 7th Plymouth District

On Friday, April 1st, one might have thought that, when observing the proceedings on Beacon Hill, an elaborate April Fool’s prank was being played on the people of the Commonwealth. On that day, the State House was taken over by high school students who, as part of the 64th annual “Massachusetts Student Government Day,” played the parts of Representatives, Senators and even the Governor. 

Their day began with a simulated committee hearing to introduce two pieces of legislation – one to mandate teaching financial literacy in grades K-12 and one related to reducing childhood obesity rates by removing the state subsidy for sugared, sweetened beverages and candy in schools. That was followed by formal sessions in the House and Senate Chambers, where debates ensued, followed by votes. (Both initiatives passed)  Read the rest of this entry »

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