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postheadericon WATD Political Forum: 10th Congressional candidates front and center

WATD is your home for election coverage and we continue our series of WATD Political Forums tonight. Join WATD as we host an event co-sponsored by the Plymouth Area League of Women Voters.

The forum will feature the candidates vying for the 10th Congressional District seat held for years by Democrat William Delahunt.The 10th Congressional district seat, spans from Quincy to Plymouth onto Cape Cod, and over to the Islands.

Republican Jeff Perry of Sandwich, Democrat William Keating, Independent Jim Sheets, Independent Maryanne Lewis,  and Bring Home the Troops candidate Joe VanNes, will debate tonight on WATD (95.9 FM) from Plymouth Town Hall starting at 7pm.

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postheadericon AP News: Suspect’s lawyer donated to Norfolk County DA


BOSTON (AP) – Norfolk District Attorney William Keating has accepted campaign donations from a lawyer representing a man charged by Keating’s office with attempting to gun down an off-duty firefighter last year.

Keating, A Democrat running for Congress in the 10th district, received two donations from attorney John McGlone in August totaling $1,545, according to an Associated Press review of campaign records. McGlone also co-hosted a Quincy fundraiser for Keating in August.

McGlone represents Robert O’Connell, charged with attempted murder after being arrested for shooting Milton firefighter Joseph Fasano during a confrontation. Keating’s office is prosecuting O’Connell.

Keating’s campaign did not immediately respond when asked for comment. McGlone also did not immediately return a call.

postheadericon AP News: Government employees punch in and out to politick

By GLEN JOHNSON, AP Political Writer

BOSTON (AP) – Government employees in Massachusetts are leaving their tax-paid jobs on a daily and sometimes hourly basis to campaign for their bosses this fall.

It underscores a unique advantage enjoyed when incumbent politicians run for office. They have a publicly funded infrastructure they can count on that isn’t available to outsider candidates.

Employees getting their salary and benefits paid by the government are free to shift to political work, as long as they’re on their own time. But it’s a distinction that can be hard to see and even harder to police.

In the past week, top aides to state treasurer and independent gubernatorial candidate Timothy Cahill have been spotted at mid-afternoon campaign events. The same has been true the past month for aides to U.S. Rep. Barney Frank, Gov. Deval Patrick and Lt. Gov. Timothy Murray.

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