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postheadericon Beacon Hill Blotter: Good Enough for Government Work

Will & Geoff Diehl

Will & Geoff Diehl, 1972

Growing up, I used to look forward to visiting my grandparents. On my father’s side, I especially relished the chance to ride on Grandpa’s lap when he mowed the lawn. Watching him operate his Lionel train set was awesome and I felt I’d died and gone to heaven when he’d “help” me with a project at his workbench. Without fail, he’s proclaim, “Good enough for government work,” as we (he) would finish making a wooden boat, a model rocket or a pencil holder. My grandfather, Wilmer Diehl, had been a mechanic in the Army, specializing in airplanes, so following his service, he was recruited by American Airlines to become a “flight engineer.” It was, literally, a new seat in the cockpit -the third – and was a role that he and a select few from the military pioneered for commercial aviation. His favorite joke, both in and out of the military and throughout his life, was the quip about his work meeting the minimum for government standards. Everyone who knew Will understood that the joke really was that he never did anything unless it was to meet the highest standards he set for himself – be it work, family, or his faith in God. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon AP News: Grossman, Polito vie for Mass. treasurer office

By STEVE LeBLANC, Associated Press Writer

BOSTON (AP) – The race for state treasurer is pitting a five-term Republican state lawmaker against the former head of the state and national Democratic parties.

Both say they’re political outsiders.

Republican Karyn Polito says she’s spent her years on Beacon Hill holding Democrats accountable.

Democrat Steve Grossman portrays himself as a local businessman.

Grossman has faulted Polito for saying she’ll vote for a ballot question lowering the state sales tax rate from 6.25 percent to 3 percent, then urge lawmakers to increase it to 5 percent.

Polito said the initiative is the only way to force lawmakers to cut the tax.

Polito recently tried to single-handedly block fellow lawmakers from passing a $400 million spending bill during an informal session. Polito said the bill needed to be debated.

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