Talk Shows

Monday – Friday
The South Shore’s Morning News w/ Rob Hakala & Lisa Azizian
Monday Night Talk
South Shore Live
Sweeney and Malone
All Things Food and Health
Friends with Benefits w/ Brian and Mark
Common Ground
Imagination Storytelling with Bob Parkis
Talk Real Estate with Sharon McNamara
McNamara on Money Financial Advice
Mommy Business
Sound Advice with Tom Williams
Christian Science Bible Lesson
Christian Science Sentinel
Spiritual Life with Catherine Cullen
Sounds of Praise
Talking Birds with Ray Brown
Money Mavericks
So What About That Law? With Mark Greene
Nautical Talk Radio with Capt. Lou
Powerful Women Revealed
House Call with Brian Comer
Sports Exchange with Bill Wilhelm
Natural Health
w/ Dr. Mark Mincola and Candita

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