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Dan Shores, host of The Shores Report


The Shores Report is dedicated to providing listeners with quality discussion on key federal issues affecting the nation and residents of the South Shore, Cape & Islands, and South Coast of Massachusetts.

Dan Shores is the host of WATD’s “The Shores Report.”  Dan is an attorney, and Republican candidate for the United States Congress in the Massachusetts Ninth Congressional District.

Dan has local working class roots.  He grew up in Carver working on cranberry bogs and as a logger with his father’s logging company.  He put himself through college and earned a mechanical engineering degree from the University of New Hampshire.  Later, after directing multi-million dollar capital campaigns for community hospitals, he put himself through law school, graduating from Georgetown University LawCenter.

Dan became a successful patent litigation attorney helping high-tech companies protect their innovations, and now owns his own law practice in Sandwich serving small businesses.  Starting off as a logger/bogger and working to become a successful attorney is part of his American Dream.

Dan is a Reagan Republican who believes that prosperity derives from the people, not the government.  Dan wants our future generations to look back on this time and thank us for meeting our challenges.  He believes that passing a balanced budget amendment and setting congressional term limits are fundamental institutional steps to preserving a healthy America for our future generations.

Dan also believes that shrinking the size of government, simplifying the tax code, peeling back regulations, repealing Obamacare, driving down the costs of healthcare through free market principles, securing our borders, reducing government waste, fraud, and abuse, and strengthening our military are also critical measures to achieving a prosperous America for our kids and grandkids.

Dan believes that we must make critical decisions in the context of the long term and in the best interests of our next generation.  Visit for more information.

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