Discovering Authenticity w/ Teri Sica

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Saturday Mornings 10:30 – 11:00 am

“Discovering Authenticity” features guests with rich, provocative topics that deal with everyday life challenges and everyday people. Call in and participate in these dynamic conversations and share your own experiences.

Use your challenges as opportunities for authentic discoveries that lead to growth and change. Look in the mirror, peel away the layers and learn something new.

Teri’s refreshing, energetic style, featured guests and topics will reach into the lives of every listener.


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Meet Teri

Teri Sica, LICSW is a psychotherapist and coach with over 28 years of experience. Her private practice is loated in Scituate, MA. Teri’s working philosophy is based upon the belief that challenges are opportunities that lead to authentic growth and change. Her approach to change carries with it many positive and encouraging messages. Teri’s style is energetic, dynamic, and interactive. She brings much passion to her work.

Teri’s areas of expertise cover a broad range of issues. Among these are social anxiety, performance anxiety, marital conflicts, depression, everyday life stress, and communication skills training. She helps people to discover their hidden talents, strenghts, and uniqueness. Her work also includes identifying and overcoming emotional obstacles that block change.

“Discovering Authenticity” became the focus of Teri’s work after she realized how many people struggle because they can’t be authentic at home, at work, and virtually in every aspect of their lives. “People get stuck because they have lost the ability to be authentic. We’re all so caught up in everyone’s expectations, that we simply get lost. There is this huge struggle with revealing who we are when we’re uncomfortable. The point is that you can’t live a healthy life when you’re covering up your pain, hiding behind masks, or trying to be who everyone else needs or wants you to be. When you can be authentic, you’ll discover a new sense of freedom-the freedom to BE.”

Teri has appeared as a guest speaker in the media and at events.

She also offers seminars to organizations. Teri’s articles have appeared in a variety of publications, including the Boston Business Journal.

Teri is a collaborative consultant with Richard Levin and Associates. She is also a member of the SSCIT, South Shore Coalition of Independent Therapists. Teri’s work as a psychotherapist, coach and speaker is well known around the South Shore.

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