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The Show

College planning is not just about financial aid but also about finding the right colleges and right majors for the student. Call Stan at his office, or in-studio, Sunday nights at 781 837 4900

The Host

Stan Ezekiel: Since 1994 Stan Ezekiel CCPS, president of College Planning Group, Inc has been helping families through the college planning process.  CPG helps parents and students through the “whole” college planning process.   If a student goes to the wrong college and has to transfer it will probably cost the family an additional year of college expenses. CPG helps the student find the right college and save the family additional college expense.  CPG will work with the family to ensure they are receiving the amount of financial aid they are entitled to.  Stan is a member of the NICCP, National Institute of Certified College Planners.  He also is a CCPS, Certified College Planning Specialist.

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