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David J. Arenz & Laurett E. Arenz, HERO’S Strategies Inc.


Dave has been a successful Financial Strategist, Investor and Business Owner for over 30 years, his Radio Program “HERO’S TALK RADIO” currently airs in over 30 markets across the country. A highly sought after speaker Dave has been invited to give lectures on the topics of SUCCESSFUL RISK MANAGEMENT & OPTIMAL ASSET ALLOCATION at business events throughout the United States.

Dave coaches clients to achieve financial independence by presenting options for SAFE, LIQUID and TAX FREE asset management options. He has advised thousands of individuals to invest wisely, with proven and effective Wealth Preservation Strategies.

Dave’s “tell it like it is” style unveils the Secrets of the Wealthy by teaching New School answers to Old School questions on how to achieve financial independence. He educates clients on how to redirect their current strategy to create a savings P.L.A.N. (Perpetual Life of Asset Nurturance) and implement the HERO’S Strategies Wealth Transformation System to provide security and safety for their future.

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