Powerful Women Revealed

Sunday Afternoons 12:15-1:00pm

Powerful.  Women.  Revealed.

with host Nicole Perry

Powerful Women Revealed is a unique talk show that focuses on women entrepreneurs and women in business.

My mission is to connect amazing women to the community above and beyond local networking.

These women share their milestones, inspirations and successes in a very intimate way.

There are entrepreneurs popping up all over our country and 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs IS a women.

These powerful women are leaders in their businesses, in their communities and in their lives.

 On each episode our guests reveal their bio, passion, what sets their business apart and their inspirations.

My idea for this show is simple, connect powerful women to the community and let the magic happen.

Join us for an uplifting, educational and fun look inside the women that are powering our economy!

Meet our 1st Quarter 2015 Powerful Women!


Tricia Cromwell ~ iTrustinTricia.com

Amy Levitt ~ MySilpada.com/Amy.Levitt

Nancy OKeefe ~ WomensLeadershipU.com


Health & Wellness:

Rosemarie Lanchester ~ EverythingYouWishFor.com

Laurie McAnaugh ~ ChooseToBePowerful.com

Roxanne Pappas ~ Facebook.com/LivingItUpGreen



Mamak Charepoo ~ CharepooCoaching.com



Cara Cipullo ~ MammaMias.net

Beth Greenawalt ~ Parent-Solutions.com

Vickie Michaud ~ RoadsideRedemption.com

Michelle Woodbrey ~ 2sisters-sla.com



Adrienne Baumann ~ 508marketing.com

Donna Fernandes ~ Raveis.com/agent/DonnaFernandes

Wendy Gutterson ~ PMRconsulting.net

Tina Owen ~ TinaOwen.net


 To Qualify as a Sponsor for the Power Marketing Platform,

contact Nicole Perry at: nickiperry@gmail.com


Meet Nicole

Nicole Perry is the Creator and Talk Show Host for Powerful Women Revealed at the WATD Radio Station since 2013 and has now launched her show on PACTV, Community Television in late 2014.  Nicole has been an entrepreneur, officially since 2008, with her Physical Photos business, formerly known as Images Everything, Inc. Nicole became a leader for a women’s empowerment organization called Believe Inspire Grow in September of 2012 and has since broadened her career in broadcasting with the support of her family, friends, groups and community.


About the Author

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