SSMN: Friday, August 17, 2012

It’s Friday! What are you doing this weekend? Maybe taking in a movie? We’ll get a look at the new movies from the ET newsroom in Hollywood at 6:40am. And then at 6:56am, Ed Nowak “The Fishin’ Pole” checks in. At 7:10am it’s time to talk about “What to do with the Kids” this weekend. Then at 8:10am, Roni the Master Gardener from The Gardeners’ Choice on Route 53 in Pembroke will join us for tips and tricks to take care of our summer gardens. If you have a gardening question you’d like answered you can email Lisa at and we’ll be sure Roni answers your question on air.



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Lisa loves sitting by Rob’s side as his official Sidekick on The South Shore’s Morning News!