SSMN: Thursday, August 15, 2013

goldieWe’ll check in with Ed Nowak once again for the fishing report at 6:56, but before that we’ll take a walk with John Galluzzo – it’s our walk of the week! At 7:11 we check in with our resident Mom expert – that’s Sara Eberle, aka MommaJam! MommaJam is our weekly feature geared toward family fun, education and health. You can follow her online, and catch up with podcasts at!

At 8:11 we check in with Bob Terravecchia, President of Weymouth Bank. This time each week we meet with Bob for our Helping Hand segment where Bob offers insight into the world of finance both personal and business. Want to ask Bob a question? You can easily do so on the Weymouth Bank website:

At 8:41 it’s time to hit the road with Goldie for another edition of Goldie’s Golf Getaway! Where will Goldie take us today for her golf daycation or staycation? Tune in at 8:41 and Liza Churchill will tell us all about it! And, she may even have another fabulous giveaway for us!



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