SSMN: Tuesday January 21st, 2014


Here’s what’s coming your way on the Tuesday broadcast:

At 8:11, we normally check in with David Snell from American Computer Technologies. It’s a weekly tech-talk segment where we focus on the latest computer programs, viruses, and tech news. David is off this week, but check out for David’s past blogs!

Coming up at 8:41, It’s our “Local & Green Living” segment with Paula Keif from the “Go Green Web Directory”.

Then at 9:11, In an age of the “Hook-up Culture” and potentially, the “End of Courtship” as heralded by the New York Times, Katie Heaney’s “Never Have I Ever: My Life (So Far) Without A Date” brings a fresh, laugh-out-loud funny, & unique perspective to the ongoing discussions about dating and love in the 21st Century. Rob discusses the book with Katie and we’ll have a copy to giveaway. You can find out more online at

And at 9:22, Its our “Paws & Claws” segment; where we focus on your pet.



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