SSMN: Monday February 3rd, 2014


Good morning and welcome to the Monday edition of “The South Shore’s Morning News”. Here’s what we’re working on as you recover from the weekend:

At 6:45, we’ll re-cap the top movies from over the weekend. What did most people go to see over the weekend?

At 7:41, we will introduce a new daily feature. Replacing David Letterman’s Top 10 list will be Jimmy Fallon with excerpts from his “Late Night” monologues. We hope you enjoy the new feature.

Then at 8:25, it’s the “WATD Quincy Report”.  It’s a segment geared to what’s going on in Quincy.  Joining Rob will be Dean Rizzo from The Quincy Chamber of Commerce.  Find out more at

Later at 9:20, Rob talks with former Florida Republican Governor Charlie Crist about his new book “The Party’s Over: How the Extreme Right Hijacked the  GOP and I Became a Democrat”.

Then at 9:27, it’s WATD’s Pet of the Week, sponsored by Family Pet & Garden Center on Route 53 in Pembroke.



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