SSMN: Wednesday July 9th, 2014


Welcome to the Wednesday edition of “The South Shore’s Morning News”:

Coming up at 6:56, Ed Nowak joins us to talk about area waters with his “Fishin’ Pole” report.

Then at 7:11, we focus our attention on the arts community. It’s our “Hats off to the Arts” segment. Every week at this time, we talk with the folks from the Plymouth Center for the Arts and the Plymouth.

At 8:11, we’ll talk with New England author Rose Doherty about her book “Katherine Gibbs: Beyond White Gloves”. How does a 46–year–old widow with no income, two sons to support, and only a high school education survive? If you are Katharine Gibbs, you found a secretarial school in 1911 that becomes the best in the world and gives women the ability to support themselves. Katharine Gibbs was CEO of three schools two years before women could vote. She was an entrepreneur who educated women for business when they were not welcome.



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