Marshfield: Seawall committee votes recommendations on seawall betterments

The Marshfield seawall committee voted their recommendations Wednesday night on three special town meeting warrant articles dealing with seawalls and betterment fees.

The committee cast unanimous votes on three warrant articles for Marshfield special town meeting in April, that deal with crumbling seawalls in Fieldston. The most controversial aspect of the articles: the inclusion of betterment fees for beachfront residents that will benefit from the repairs. Committee Chair Joe Rossi said they voted on the first two articles, both of which appropriate about $1.2 million to fix the seawalls.

Rossi said, “Article one is to issue money to repair 370 ft. of actively collapsing seawall and issue betterments on the completed project. We recommended to approve the money and to not approve the betterment piece. Article 2 would retroactively issue betterments on the most recently completed seawall project of about $1.2 million. We are not recommending that article.”

The seawall committee also voted to support article three.

“We recommend the approval of article three, which is a capital budget request of $1million for seawall repair,” said Rossi.

Residents would pay 20% of the betterments fees in articles one and two, while the town would pick up the other 80%.

The seawall committee meets again Wednesday, March 16th, 7:30 p.m. at town hall.

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