Plymouth: Sen. Murray says focus on nuclear plant will make it safer

By Bobbi Clark

After reviewing Entergy’s presentation in which they compared their Plymouth nuclear facility to the Fukushima Nuclear Power plant in Japan, Senate President Terry Murray said she believes there are measures in place that improve safety:

“There are a lot better procedures and policies in place than there were in Japan and there continue to be.”

And Murray says, the community has gotten the attention of the President and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission:

“And the NRC is listening to us for the first time and the President has already been– to do a blue ribbon commission, plus do a thirty, sixty, ninety-day review. So there’s a lot going on right now that will make us a lot safer.”

Entergy made its presentation during the public forum on nuclear matters held this week by the Board of Selectmen. They meet next Tuesday night at 7 p.m. at town hall.

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