Hanson: Neighborhood squabble lands at town hall

On the Hanson Board of Selectmen’s Tuesday night agenda, there was an item to discuss the town’s complaint policy and a police officer was in attendance to act as security during this particular issue. However, the subject was not discussed since Dean Anderson, the resident who wanted to confront the board about the policy, did not appear until the meeting was over and selectmen were in executive session.

Once Anderson arrived it quickly seemed unclear whether he wanted to address selectmen about the complaint policy or if neighborhood conflicts brought him to town hall, “The problem is neighbors, like this guy here, they can just call up and have things done. I’ve put in complaints; they don’t get addressed, I get the runaround, the complaints three-four months old. They ain’t doing their job.”

Neighbor Charles Montgomery was at town hall and has complained about the unkempt condition of Anderson’s home and believes that the town must take action, “Anybody is more than welcome to come down and look at 62 Ocean Ave, 51 Ocean Ave, and Depot Street and see the junk that we look at every day.”

Selectmen Chair Stephen Amico refused to discuss the issue with Anderson after the board adjourned from executive session, “I’m assuming that he wanted to talk about the complaint policy but I really can’t comment because I really don’t know what he was going to discuss. I know what we were going to discuss and it was just the complaint policy, it was not specifics because we do not discuss specifics in open meeting.”

Chair Amico explained to Anderson that the item can be placed back on the agenda for another meeting if he wishes.

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