Plymouth: Nuclear plant forced to shut down after leak from safety relief valve

A nuclear plant in Plymouth has been shut down after a suspected leak from the one of the plants safety relief valves.
“An  Nuclear Regulator Commission  Resident Inspector was at the the Pilgrim nuclear power plant Monday to monitor the shutdown, which took place without any complications,” said Nuclear Regulator Commission spokesman Neil Sheehan.
The Nuclear Regulator Commission says the Pilgrim nuclear power plant was shut down due to leakage from a valve which provides overpressure protection for the plant’s reactor coolant system.
The NRC, in a statement said the valve opens when required, “to discharge reactor steam into the suppression pool, a large, donut-shaped reservoir of water located at the bottom of the reactor building.”
NRC inspectors will also monitor the repairs to the valve and then also monitor the service restoration when the plans are completed.

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