Marshfield: Student athletes may be left without a home-town field and lights for 2yrs

Construction of the new Marshfield High School is set to begin at the end of August and 14 out of 20 playing fields will be unavailable after that date. The School Building Committee laid out the three-phase field design Thursday night and explained a multi-purpose stadium and community field will be up open for use by August 2013.

However, Superintendent of Schools Scott Borstel said because these two fields will be in high demand, they’re trying to find money in the budget for lights, “We’re thinking more about youth because youth will lose so many fields on this site. So if we could temporarily light those for the year it takes before the building opens it will allow for a longer days use for the youth activities.”

Borstel further explained the electrical source for permanent turf field lighting is the new Marshfield school which opens in 2014.

Due to lighting and parking, Marshfield High School Principal Bob Keuther said his students may be on the road for two years.

“This site that encompasses the High School, Furnace Brook, and Martinson has the most number of fields and the most significant amount of play. Our high school uses just the facilities here. The town recreation and town youth use the five elementaries,” stated Superintendent Borstel

Principal Keuther said he is working on securing the closest location possible in another town to play home games. All fields will be back online by 2016.

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