Plymouth: Nuclear waste storage appeal denied

Wednesday night the Plymouth zoning board of appeals met for nearly four hours to hear arguments of whether the decision of Director of Inspectional Services Paul McAuliffe regarding a planned dry cask storage facility at the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station should stand. McAuliffe had approved the plan.

Eighteen people appealed that decision, saying the board should enter a special permit process which would allow more public scrutiny and input. Proponents of the public process said the corporation’s current plan places the radioactive rods within danger of sea level rise.

Representatives of the plant’s owner, Entergy Corporation, said the original 1967 special permit applies to the new plan.

All board members agreed they want Entergy Corporation to move spent fuel rods from the overcrowded storage pool atop the plant to more secure dry cask storage. They disagreed on the public process.

After hearing extensive testimony on both sides, a majority of the board voted not to open the decision to a public special permit process. Proponents of the special permit process promise an appeal in superior court.

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Charles Mathewson worked in print journalism for more than two decades as a reporter and editor, and has won several regional and national awards. He resides in Plymouth where he writes fiction and paints, when not producing award-winning news as a reporter for WATD.