Brockton: Anti-power plant group mails voters info on mayoral candidate’s fiscal woes

The mayor’s race in Brockton is making news, as voters around the city have received literature about a candidate’s financial problems.

Stop The Power, a citizen’s group against a proposed gas-fired power plant, has mailed information pertaining to Bill Carpenter filing for bankruptcy three times and owing creditors nearly $330,000.

Ed Byers, who heads up the group, says Carpenter’s background was checked, after he outlined a campaign plan that would call for the city to support the building of a power plant and purchase a water desalination plant.

“He’s not going for manager at McDonalds, he’s going not for council, he’s going for the biggest job in the city of Brockton, the mayor of this great city with 100,000 people,” said Ed Byers. “We need to demand more and we need better for the candidates that are going to run for that type of position.”

Byers admits that his group hasn’t gathered information on any of the other mayoral candidates, but says they also didn’t put forth such a bold campaign plan like Carpenter has.

Information about Bill Carpenter's bankruptcy filing on the back of the Stop The Power mailer.

“He’s basing his whole political race on a power plant and a desalination plant, what it’s going to cost us, the interest the city is going to pay,” said Byers. “His whole platform is based on these calculations that didn’t add up.”

Carpenter says he never tried to hide his financial woes. He says he expected it to be brought to light, but not by someone like Byers.

“Did I anticipate that a guy who lives in Easton would spend thousand of dollars out of his company checkbook to run a vicious smear campaign against me personally, ” Carpenter asked. “No, I did not anticipate that, its politics at its lowest, it’s disgusting.”

According to Carpenter, he was initially concerned with how he was being portrayed, but says he’s has been surprised by the support he’s receiving.

“What’s been amazing to me over the past couple of days is the rally of support around me,” Carpenter said. “I think in the long run, Mr. Byers and his clan may regret that they stooped to such low form of politics.”

As for reaction from his opponents, mayoral candidate Ron Matta says he understands Carpenter’s financial struggles, but also thinks he should withdraw from the race.

However, Carpenter says he plans to address the situation for a few more days before moving forward with his campaign to be the next mayor of Brockton.

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