Marshfield: Incumbent Shrand wins School Committee race – Greer wins vacant seat

Marshfield held their annual elections last Saturday and voted for candidates vying for two seats on the school committee, in two separate ballot elections.

There was a low voter turnout, as only about 1500 out of 18,000 registered voters hit the polls.

In an extremely close race, long-time Incumbent School Committee Member Carol Shrand kept her seat on the school committee, winning 789 to 742 over challenger Heidi Church – a margin of just 47 votes.

WATD’s John Penny caught up with Shrand right after the election, and she said, “You know often times incumbents, as you saw on the ticket, are not challenged if they’re doing a pretty good job and things are going well – they’re very committed and people will often say, ‘let them keep doing it’.

I was speaking with Heidi the other night and quipped that I would really look forward to working with her at some point. We probably have more in common than not, and that I just thought she should run against somebody else!”

In the second special ballot election, Richard Greer wins a seat on the school committee, left vacant by Kate Tracey who resigned her position.

Greer garnered 671 votes over Timothy Russo with 604 and Segundo Ramos at 267.

Greer also spoke to us after the election and said, “I feel good! I feel bad for anybody that ran and put in an effort and didn’t win, but I thank them for running. They take an interest in our town, and I’d like to see more people get involved with our town.”


About John Penny

John Penny is a town news reporter at WATD. He primarily covers stories in the towns of Marshfield, Cohasset, Scituate, Norwell, Hingham, Abington and Quincy.