Carver: New elementary school sites to be considered

Carver School Building Committee is moving the new Elementary School project forward by considering conducting a small engineering site study of the three potential sites for new construction: two at the Middle High School and one at the current Elementary School site.

Jon Delli Priscoli, a member of the Committee made this suggestion at their meeting Monday night, ”so the Committee and the future OPM is spending their time and the taxpayer dollars on the ultimate deliverable project,” he said, “so our money’s going where ultimately it’s going to be needed.”

Superintendent Liz Sorrell said the Committee will not have an OPM until October, and it would be helpful to have a site chosen before then.

“The importance of doing that is if there’s just an easy answer, ‘yes it can be done’ or ‘no it can’t,’ than when we start the project we won’t have to go through this in the middle of winter when these things are hard to determine,” Sorrell said.

Once the town is officially accepted into the MSBA’s capital pipeline on July, 30, Sorrell said they can begin the process of hiring a Construction Attorney and an OPM.

Until then, the Committee will be drafting Request For Proposals (RFPs) for an OPM and the engineering site study selection, and approving the final draft of the Feasibility Study Agreement that will be finalized at the July, 30 meeting.

Throughout the entire process, the Committee is keeping the public’s knowledge of the project a top priority.

A video shown at last month’s Town Meeting has been circulating on the Internet that shows the poor conditions of the current school. Committee member Heather Sepulveda said the video has received 1240 hits on YouTube.

“I think the more we can get information out to the public in as many different media, the better we are,” Sorrell said.

The Committee also has and will continue to put together “fact sheets,” including information such as answers to popular parent questions, and process updates.

The next fact sheet will go out at the start of the school year, when “people are paying attention,” Sorrell says.



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