Hanson: School priority repair committee begins work

The new Hanson Indian Head and Maquan School Priority Repair Committee is taking tours of the two schools next week to gain further insight into what the immediate needs are.

Committee Chair Bruce Young said the first meeting, held Wednesday night went “very well.”

“We have nine very talented people here in trades and technical work of all kinds of varieties covering all types of stages of construction who are involved in this,” Young said.

At Wednesday night’s meeting, the Committee established a few priorities, a loose timeline and how to proceed with engineering work.

The Committee has several priority needs already in mind to focus on during the tours of the schools next Wednesday night.

“We’ll be looking into the condition of the slate roof and we’ll be looking at the heating system over at the Maquan School,” Young said, “Those two areas look like the two primary areas that we’re going to get into at this point.”

The Committee aims to establish the repairs and cost estimates in time for voters to approve funding at the October Town Meeting.

Young was voted in as Chair of the Committee, Michael Jones as Vice Chair and Brian Campbell as Secretary.

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