Hanson: Tattoo & piercing police department rule amended

Hanson Police Department is amending their rule on tattoos and piercings to read that neither can be visible while wearing the department’s “winter” uniform.

The old rule did not allow tattoos or piercing to be visible in the summer uniform, but Chief Michael Miksch said this has become an issue in the current search to fill open positions.

“I think we’re eliminating a fair amount of potential candidates for the department,” Miksch said, “Especially given the number of military veterans returning that would have visible tattoos.”

This issue isn’t just common to Hanson. “I’ve talked to some other area chiefs [and] they’re also expressing concerns for this as well and how to deal with it,” Miksch said.

The Board of Selectmen unanimously approved this change at their meeting Tuesday night.

Selectman William Scott asked if all tattoos would be covered, or if it would be up to Miksch’s discretion.

“Under the new rule you’d have to have them covered at all times,” Miksch said. He added that he doesn’t think wearing sleeves in the summer would be a problem. ”There’s enough materials out there and ways around it,” he said.





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